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Post-signup workflow

Handles all post-signup logic, including fan-out & emails


Post-signup workflow example

This workflow runs after every event. Each time a user signs up, the workflow sends the user a welcome email, adds the user to Close.IO for sales followup, and adds the user to a marketing list - if the event data says they've subscribed to a newsletter.

You can change out any of the example integrations easily, such as using Sendgrid instead of Mandrill - or Salesforce instead of It's also a good idea to add the user to places like Zendesk.

How this helps

  • Engineers don't have to write the initial integrations or spend time working on non-product requests
  • Biz ops, sales, and marketing can be kept in the loop and make changes to things like mailing lists etc.
  • Any time integrations change (which happens as a company ages), it's easy to version and update the workflows with new integrations
  • It's easy to debug which users ran through which versions of a workflow via the built in audit trails