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Serverless cron jobs, made simple

Define and write scheduled functions in your existing projects with a single line of code, no infrastructure or configuration required.

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1import { inngest } from "./client";
4  { name: "Daily check" },
5  { cron: "0 0 * * *" },
6  async () => {
7    // This function will run every day at Midnight, UTC.
8  },

Designed for Developers

Inngest is the easiest way to build scheduled jobs in your app, no matter what framework or platform you use.

Easy to use

Create scheduled functions and cron jobs with a single line of code


Define functions and schedules together in one place for easy maintenance


Scheduled functions run without servers or configuration - no setup required

Great DX

Local development-only UI to inspect functions and their schedules

Any platform

Keep your code together by deploying to your platform choice


If your job fails we'll rerun it multiple times without any work your side

How it works

1. Write your functions

Write your scheduled functions using regular JS or TS, defined using a single line of code, all served via Inngest's handler.

2. Register your URLs

Let Inngest know where your serverless functions are hosted — by using our built-in integrations or a single post-deploy API call

3. Functions run automatically

Inngest calls all functions securely and automatically on their defined schedule, without any extra setup or servers.

Build easily using our local SDK UI:

SDK Development UI

“Sooooo much easier than AWS”

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