Serverless scheduled & cron jobs

Easily create scheduled serverless functions or schedule work for the future in just a few lines of code.

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Run your function on a schedule

Easily define your function with a cron schedule and Inngest will automatically invoke your function on that schedule.

Run code at a specific time

Using Inngest's step.sleepUntil to delay running code to an exact timestamp. Schedule any work based off user input.

Automatic retries

Failures happen. Inngest retries your functions automatically.

Schedule work in a few lines of code

Define a function using a cron schedule

Use when your code needs to run periodically.

1import { inngest } from "./client";
3// Define a function to run on a cron-schedule:
5  { id: "send-weekly-digest-email" },
6  { cron: "TZ=America/New_York 0 9 * * MON " },
7  async () => {
8    // This function will run every Monday at 9am New York time
9  }

Run at a specific timestamp defined in an event

Use when you needs to schedule something dynamically, like a reminder time set by a user.

1import { inngest } from "./client";
3// Define a function which sleeps until a given timestamp:
5  { id: "post-slack-reminder" },
6  { event: "slack.reminder.scheduled" },
7  async ({ event, step }) => {
8    await step.sleepUntil(
9      "wait-for-reminder-time",
11    );
13    await"send-slack-notification", async () => {
14      // This will run after the given reminder timestamp
15    });
16  }

It's sensational - This is the best way to test a background job

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Everything you need to build

Amazing local DX

Our open source dev server runs on your machine giving you a local sandbox environment with a UI for easy debugging.

Full observability and logs

Check the status of a given job with ease. View your complete event history and function logs anytime.

Fan-out Jobs

Use a single scheduled function to trigger multiple functions to fan-out logic and run work in parallel.

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