Introducing the Inngest CLI: build, test, and ship serverless functions locally
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Introduction to Inngest

The Inngest platform allows you to easily build, deploy, and manage serverless functions that run whenever events happen, from any source (SDKs, APIs, webhooks, or pub/sub).

Inngest's tooling makes developers lives easier: get auto-typed events, develop & test serverless functions locally, backtest using historical data, release with full version histories, apply immediate rollbacks, and get full observability, metrics, monitoring, and audit trails out of the box. Inngest's serverless platform allows anyone to build event-driven software that scales.

What is Inngest?

Inngest is an event-driven serverless platform that lets you focus on your product by giving you all the tools you need to build, test, and ship reactive serverless functions faster than ever before.

We've taken our experience building systems for event-driven architecture and async workloads and created a platform that allows you to run any serverless function that reacts to events. Inngest can be used in place of an event bus or message queue as well as the runtime for your event consumers or workers.

Inngest allows you to build complex applications without all of the boilerplate and endless infrastructure configuration. No need to waste time writing boilerplate consumer code or polling logic. Don't waste time configuring retry policies, dead letter queues, or other infrastructure.

Leave the boring stuff to us and focus on shipping amazing products, getting your idea to market faster than ever before.

Check out our quick start guides below or read more about the system architecture here.

Quick start guides

Learn our cli in 2 minutes

Use the Inngest CLI to build, test, and deploy functions in any language.

Use our browser IDE

Create, test and deploy functions right from your browser. No install needed.

Learn the key concepts