New Guide: Running Background Jobs with Prisma ORM + TypeScript

You Send Events.
We Run Your Code.

Inngest makes it simple for you to write delayed or background jobs by triggering functions from events

No infra, no config — just ship.

  • Simple publishing with HTTP + JSON
  • No SDKs needed
  • Developer tooling for the entire workflow
  • No boilerplate polling code
  • Any programming language
  • Step function support with DAGs
How Inngest works diagram
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The Complete Platform For
Everything Async

Our serverless solution provides everything you need to effortlessly
build and manage every type of asynchronous and event-driven job.

No queue required

Inngest is serverless, requiring absolutely no infrastructure to manage. Use our built-in scalable queuing system.

A real-time admin UI keeps everyone in the loop

The Inngest Admin UI brings full transparency to all your asynchronous jobs, so you can stay on top of performance, throughput, and more, without needing to dig through logs.

Event-driven, as easy as just sending events!

We built all the hard stuff so you don’t have to: idempotency, throttling, backoff, retries, replays, job versioning, and so much more. With Inngest, you just write the job and we take care of the rest.

See The Full Picture

Build for Builders

Write business logic, not boilerplate.

Fits your workflow

Inngest works just like you'd hope — write your jobs alongside your project code, use our CLI to create new functions, mock queues, test and deploy your work manually or automate it with your favorite tool.

Fully flexible

Write your jobs in any language or framework, and POST your events in standard JSON. If it runs in Docker, it works with Inngest, with zero vendor-specific libraries or boilerplate code needed.

Build in Minutes, Not Days

Zero config from setup to production — with Inngest there's no need to configure or manage queues, event stream topics, workers, or builds. Write jobs, send events, with zero fuss.

Next-Level Async Awesomeness

Building the future with event-driven experiences


Inngest jobs aren't bound by artificial time or isolation constraints. Develop long running, context aware tasks that coordinate and interact to build even the most sophisticated workflows.


Our platform enforces data governance and accuracy so you'll immediately know if issues arise. Our detailed audit logs mean you're never in the dark.


Our founding team has built high-throughput complex event-driven systems that scale to millions of daily events and we're excited to share with you the reliable performant system we always wished we had.

Write Code, Not Too Much, Mostly Business Logic

Inngest tasks lets you skip the boilerplate and get right to the heart of the matter:
writing code that helps your business achieve its goals.