Serverless functions driven by events

Build and run complex workflows in real-time, triggered by any event across your stack. It's made for builders, designed for operators.

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Whenever this event is received

Update account in Salesforce

Set the account's value

Send a slack notification

In #new-payments

Send a receipt

Via Mailchimp
Amount >= $500
If this is true continue

Update TAM dashboard

By running custom code
If email bounces within 1 day
If this is true continue

Add to VIP list

Via Mailchimp

Create support issue

Within Zendesk

Define workflows in code or in a visual UI

Integrate with your existing tools

Switch integrations in seconds, with zero code

Run custom code, in any language

Complete workflow version histories

Serverless workflows running in seconds

Inngest aggregates events from your internal & external systems and runs workflows when things happen in your business. It's like Segment and GitHub Actions in a blender, for anything.

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Introducing Inngest

React to everything

  • Build, test, and deploy serverless functions as workflows in any language
  • Trigger functions and workflows from any event - internal or external
  • Instantly test and deploy new workflow versions, with a full version history and changelog built-in

Inngest handles your business logic so you can focus on your core product.

Build faster, effortlessly

  • Integrate events from external services via webhooks
  • Full logging and step-over debugging supported
  • Common API integrations provided out of the box: no more glue code

Inngest lets you build faster, decoupling your integrations from your events.



CRM, Sales




CS, Ops


Project management




Developer tools

People use us to get stuff done

Say goodbye to fickle integrations and long development cycles. Get stuff done in minutes using our platform.
Here's a few things that people use us for:

Real-time sync

Enable real-time sync between any platform you integrate, with full support for anything custom.

User flows

Create targeted workflows which run when users do things or don't - by monitoring for the absence of events.

Lead & sales automation

Run custom workflows to rank, score, manage, and close your leads automatically.

Billing & AR automation

Run custom logic when subscriptions charge - or payments fail, capturing outstanding AR easily.

How it works

Implement any real-time logic you can dream of, in minutes.

Start by receiving events automatically via integrations, or by sending us your own events through our API.

  1. Send us events

    Send us events through the API, SDK, webhooks, or integrations.

  2. Configure your workflows

    Create your workflows using the drag-and-drop UI or by writing code directly.

  3. Run workflows in real time

    Workflows automatically run in real-time on each event or on a schedule.

  4. Manage your functions

    Easily manage your workflows, with full version histories and visibility into which users run through which versions.

// Send us events with a single call.  Libraries provided for
// the browser, node, python, and Go.
  name: "",
  data: {
    email: "",
    plan: "enterprise",
    sector: "fintech",
  user: {
    email: "",
    first_name: "Jazmine",
    last_name: "Doe",