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Inngest is a developer platform for building, testing and deploying code that runs in response to events or on a schedule — without spending any time on infrastructure.

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1import { createFunction } from "inngest"
3export default createFunction(
4  "My Great Function",
5  "demo/",
6  async ({ event }) => {
7    return { message: "success" }
8  }
1import { Inngest } from "inngest"
2const inngest = new Inngest({ name: "My App" })
4  name: "demo/",
5  data: { something: req.body.something }

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How Inngest Works

Select your event trigger

Send events directly from your application with our SDK, configure a webhook, connect an integration.

Write a function

Use our JavaScript & TypeScript SDK to create a background job triggered by an event or on a schedule.

Deploy & Relax

Deploy your functions to your existing platform. Inngest runs your code every time a matching event trigger is received.
No infra to manage.

Event triggervia SDK, Webhooks, Integrations
Serverless functionsJavaScript & TypeScript
Inngest CloudFull history & metrics. 100% managed.

Get things shipped

Inngest's platform enables you to ship features quickly without the overhead.

Out of the critical path

Ensure your API is fast by running your code, asynchronously, in the background.

No queues or workers required

Serverless background jobs mean you don’t need to set up queues or long-running workers.

1import { createFunction } from "inngest"
2import { sendSMS } from "../twilioUtils"
4export default createFunction(
5  "Send confirmation SMS",
6  "app/request.confirmed",
7  async ({ event }) => {
8    const result = await sendSMS({
9      to:,
10      message: "Your request has been confirmed!",
11    })
12    return {
13      status: result.ok ? 200 : 500,
14      body: `SMS Sent (Message SID: ${result.sid})`
15    }
16  }

The Complete Platform For Everything Async

Our serverless solution provides everything you need to effortlessly
build and manage every type of asynchronous and event-driven job.


No infrastructure to manage

Inngest is serverless, requiring absolutely no infra for you to manage. No queues, event bus, or logging to configure.

A real-time dashboard keeps everyone in the loop

The Inngest Cloud Dashboard brings full transparency to all your asynchronous jobs, so you can stay on top of performance, throughput, and more, without needing to dig through logs.

Automatic Retries
Event Replay

Event-driven, as easy as just sending events!

We built all the hard stuff so you don't have to: idempotency, throttling, backoff, retries, replays, job versioning, and so much more. With Inngest, you just write your code and we take care of the rest.

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Built for Builders

Supported frameworks

Fits your existing project

Inngest fits right into your current project and workflow so you can focus on shipping.

Guides: Next.js · Express

Easy to learn

Implement in seconds

npm install inngest and you're on your way to writing background jobs or scheduled functions.

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$ npm install inngest
1import { createFunction } from "inngest"
3export default createFunction(
4  "My function",
5  "demo/some.event",
6  async ({ event }) => {
7    // your business logic
8    return "awesome"
9  }
No infra

Zero configuration or extra infra to set up

Your code tells Inngest how it should be run so there is no extra yaml or json config to write. You can deploy functions to your existing production setup or to Inngest Cloud

Deploy to: Vercel | Netlify | Cloudflare Pages | Inngest Cloud (Coming soon) | AWS Lambda (Waitlist)

🔥 Serverless

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Open Source

Inngest's core is open source, giving you piece of mind.

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Join our Discord community to share feedback, get updates, and have a direct line to shaping the future of the SDK!

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