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Running at specific times

Pause and wait until a specific time based off of data within an event


It's very common to need to run code at a specific time, across any type of app. For example, you might want to send appointment reminders 10 minutes before the event, send emails at a specific time, or make blog posts live according to a user-specified date.

Job systems allow you to specify the time that a code should run when you enqueue the job. Within Inngest, jobs run automatically when an event is received. How can you schedule work to run at a specific time?

The answer is: pass the date and time that you want the event to run at within the event itself. Within your function, you can sleep or sleepUntil the date within the event.

How to implement this pattern

In order to run code at a specific time based off of event data, first make sure that you send your desired time in the event:

import { Inngest } from "inngest";
// Create a new client
const inngest = new Inngest("API");
// Send an event with the time to schedule a blog post in the event data.
await inngest.send({
name: "blog/post.scheduled",
data: {
scheduleAt: "2023-04-01T12:30:00.000Z",
postID: "ed6f81",

Then, within your function, you can pause until the time in the event:

import { inngest } from "./client";
const delayed = inngest.createFunction(
{ id: "schedule-post" },
{ event: "blog/post.scheduled" },
async ({ event, step }) => {
const at = new Date(;
// Use the built-in `sleepUntil` tool to sleep until the time in the event.
// This function will pause then resume running the code below at the given time.
await step.sleepUntil("wait-for-scheduled", at);
await"publish-post", () => {
// Any code here runs at the time in the event.

This function runs immediately when the blog/post.scheduled event is received, then pauses until the time and date within the event. This lets you create a single function that can schedule work at any time using data from the event, intsead of hard-coding times within your code.

You can also cancel these scheduled functions using the cancellation pattern.

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