Announcing our new Vercel integration

Serverless queues for TypeScript

Use Inngest’s type safe SDK to enqueue jobs using events. No polling - Inngest calls your serverless functions.

Graphic of Nothing to configure

Nothing to configure

Inngest is serverless, and there’s no queue to configure. Just start sending events, and your functions declare which events trigger them.

Graphic of We call your function

We call your function

Inngest calls your function as events are received. There is no need to set up a worker that polls a queue.

Graphic of Automatic retries

Automatic retries

Failures happen. Inngest retries your functions automatically. The dead letter queue is a thing of the past.

Queue work in just a few lines of code

1 Define your event payload type

2 Send events with type

3 Define your functions with that event trigger

Functions trigger as events are received. Inngest calls all matching functions via HTTP.

// Define your event payload with our standard name & date fields
type MyEventType = {
  name: "my.event",
  data: {
    userId: string

// Send events to Inngest
  name: "my.event", data: { userId: "12345" }

// Define your function to handle that event
createFunction<MyEventType>("My handler", "my.event", ({ event }) => {
  // Handle your event

Everything you need to build

Amazing local DX

Our open source dev server runs on your machine giving you a local sandbox environment with a UI for easy debugging.

Full observability and logs

Check the status of a given job with ease. View your complete event history and function logs anytime.

Fan-out Jobs

Events can trigger multiple functions, meaning that you can separate logic into different jobs that consume the same event.


Use TypeScript to build, test, and deploy serverless functions driven by events or a schedule to any platform in sections, with zero infrastructure.

Open Source

Learn how Inngest works, or self-host if you prefer to manage it yourself.

"It's sensational - This is the best way to test a background job"

Garrett Tolbert, Vercel