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Our Mission

To accelerate the adoption of event-based architecture.

Inngest is an open source platform that enables developers to build amazing products by ensuring serverless functions are reliable, schedulable and event-driven.

Two trends have shaped our vision for the Inngest platform: event-driven systems are driving some of the world's greatest products and building these systems is extremely hard.

We believe that event-based systems can be beautifully simple and we're building the world's first developer platform that allows people to build event-driven products in minutes. Our aim is to give developers the superpowers they need to just build. Developers deserve first class local tooling and a platform that gives them everything they need to deliver, not just the underlying plumbing or infrastructure.

We're beginning our product journey focused on the early adopter - the person who embraces the developer cloud: modern solutions that put developer experience at the forefront of the product. Our initial goal is to build the absolute best platform and tooling for devs to build anything that runs in the background using events. We're partnering with key companies to fill a key gap in the current ecosystem and bring Inngest to the masses. We have very big plans beyond that - if you're curious, drop us a note.

Our Team

We've built and scaled event-based architectures for years and think that developers deserve something better.

Tony Holdstock-Brown

CEO & Founder
Past: Head of Engineering at Uniform Teeth

Dan Farrelly

Past: CTO at Buffer. Created

Jack Williams

Founding Engineer

Our Investors

Afore.vcKleiner PerkinsBanana CapitalComma Capital
Jason Warner / Former CTO @ GitHub
Jake Cooper / Founder @ Railway
Oana Olteanu / Partner @ Signalfire
Pim De Witte / CEO at

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