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  • 5 functions
  • 1,000 function runs/month
  • Limited resources & throughput

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  • 50 functions
  • 10,000 function runs/month
  • Generous resources & throughput
  • 1 week audit & log history


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  • Unlimited functions
  • Unlimited function runs/month
  • Custom resources & throughput
  • 1 month or more audit & log history
  • Add-ons available
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All plans include unlimited team members, uncapped events, scheduled functions, audit trails, API access, CD via our CLI, and first-class debugging.


What's a "function?"

A function is a single serverless function or step function. Functions can run automatically (each time an event is received), on a schedule, or manually via forms (in the case of internal tools, or one-offs).

Functions allow you to chain logic together, coordinate between events, and create complex user flows and operational logic for your company.

Do you charge for events?

We're currently accepting all events, uncapped. Our "soft" limit is 1M events/mo across free and paid plans, and from 50M events/mo on custom plans. We don't throttle you, right now.

What resources are available?

Free accounts are limited to 128mb of ram and a maximum runtime of 10 seconds per function. Paid accounts can utilize 1GB of ram and have a runtime limit of 60 seconds per function. Advanced accounts can use up to 16GB of ram and can run functions for up to 6 hours; if you need this functionality get in touch with us.

What if I need to run more functions?

That's okay! We'll alert you when you're nearing your cap and will throttle your functions after hitting the limit. You can always purchase more capacity, but we won't apply overage fees unless you specify payment caps (coming soon). We dislike surprise costs as much as you.

You can buy an extra 20,000 runs for $10.

What are add-ons?

Add-ons allow you to customize the functionality of Inngest. For example, you can run the executor on-premise, increase the memory and CPU capabilities of your functions, increase the audit history length, and so on.

What is event coordination, and how can I use it?

Event coordination allows you to wait for specific events from within a function. For example, after creating a shopping cart you might want to wait for the "order created" event for up to 24 hours. If this event is received, the person who created the shopping cart checked out. If the event isn't received within 24 hours, you can run logic to handle churn.

We allow you to coordinate between events and wait up to 6 months for new events. That's... quite some time.

Is there a limit to how often I can run scheduled function?

In the community edition, functions are limited to 15 minute intervals and may be throttled for fair usage. Paid plans can run scheduled functions every minute, and are not subject to throttling. Custom plans have their own dedicated pools for managing functions.

Can I run this on prem?

If you'd like to self-host Inngest or the executor platform reach out to us with your needs.

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