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Basic churn and retention flow

Sends new signups an email if the user doesn't do something


Basic churn & retention flow

This workflow runs after every event. It waits up to 1 day for another event, and if the event isn't received it sends the user that signed up an email.

In the context of a photo-sharing app, we might:

  • Wait for a new photo to be uploaded within 1 day
  • And, if the user hasn't uploaded photos, send them a push notification.

This example flow is used within Inngest to send reminders when users don't create workflows after signing up :)

You can change out the email action easily for other messaging actions, for example if you wanted to send a push notification instead of an email.

How this helps

  • Once events are integrated, product & biz ops can begin creating these campaigns without engineering input
  • No infrastructure is requierd to coordinate between events, manage cron jobs, or delayed queues. It's all built in, ready to go