Providers' Usage Limits

As your functions' code runs on the hosting provider of your choice, you will be subject to provider or billing plan limits separate from Inngest's own limits.

Here are the the known usage limits for each provider we support based on their documentation.

Payload sizeConcurrencyTimeout
AWS Lambda6MB - 20MB100015m
Google Cloud Functions512KB - 32MB3000 (1st gen only)10m - 60m
Cloudflare Workers100MB - 500MB100 - 500N/A
Vercel4MB - 4.5MB100010s - 900s, N/A (Edge Fn)
Netlify256KB - 6MBUndocumented10s - 15m
Fly.ioUndocumentedUser configuredUndocumented

For more details tailored to your plan, please check each provider's website.