Frequently Asked Questions

How do I run crons only in production?

There are multiple ways to achieve it:

  1. Conditionally rendering depending on the environment.
process.env.NODE_ENV === "production" ? { cron: "* * *" } : { event: "dev/manualXYZ" }

đź’ˇ If you render an event instead of a cron in the other environments, you can still trigger your functions manually if needed.

  1. Disable branch environments.

How do I stop functions from running?

The best way to ensure a deprecated function doesn't run is to deploy without including it in your serve handler. You can temporarily achieved the same result by archiving the function on our dashboard, but note that a new deployment will unarchive the function.

Why am I getting “Event key not found" errors in branch environments?

Branch environments are automatically archived 3 days after their latest deploy. It's possible to disable the auto archive functionality for each active environment on our dashboard.

How do I specify multiple serve paths for a same Vercel application on the dashboard?

You can pass multiple paths as comma-delimited values under the Vercel app in the Vercel Integration’s settings.

We recommend doing E2E encryption instead, as it's more secure and plaintext data never leaves your servers.


This is a Vercel error that means your function timed out within Vercel's infrastructure before it was able to respond to Inngest. More information can be found in Vercel's docs.

If you're unable to sufficiently extend the timeout within Vercel, our streaming feature can help.

My app's serve endpoint requires authentication. What should I do?

Your app's serve endpoint needs to be accessible by our servers, so we can trigger your functions. For this reason, we recommend disabling authentication for the serve endpoint.

Our servers communicate securely with your app's serve endpoint using your signing key.


By default, Vercel enables Deployment Protection for both preview and generated production URLs. This means that your app's serve endpoint will be unreachable by our servers unless you disable Deployment Protection or, if you're on Vercel's Pro plan, configure protection bypass.

Why am I getting a killed error when running the Dev Server?

This is likely an npx issue, which can be solved by running rm -rf ~/.npm/_npx. If the error still persist, please reach out to us on our Discord.