We provide a Netlify build plugin, netlify-plugin-inngest, that allows you to automatically sync any found apps whenever your site is deployed to Netlify.


  1. Install netlify-plugin-inngest as a dev dependency:
npm install --save-dev netlify-plugin-inngest
# or
yarn add --dev netlify-plugin-inngest
  1. Create or edit a netlify.toml file at the root of your project with the following:
package = "netlify-plugin-inngest"

Done! 🥳 Whenever your site is deployed, your app hosted at /api/inngest will be synced.


If you want to use a URL that isn't your "primary" Netlify domain, or your functions are served at a different path, provide either host, path, or both as inputs in the same file:

package = "netlify-plugin-inngest"

    host = ""
    path = "/api/inngest"