Production mode

When the SDK is in production mode it will try to connect to Inngest Cloud instead of the Inngest Dev Server. Production mode is opt-out for security reasons.

How to opt-out

You'll want to disable production mode whenever you're using the Inngest Dev Server. This is typically during local development and CI. Production mode can be disabled in 2 ways:

  1. Set the INNGEST_DEV environment variable to 1.
  2. Set the Inngest's is_production constructor argument to false.

Using the INNGEST_DEV environment variable is the recommended way to disable production mode. But make sure that it isn't set in production!

Inngest's is_production constructor argument is useful for disabling production mode based on whatever logic you want. For example, you could control it using the FLASK_ENV environment variable:

import inngest

    is_production=os.environ.get("FLASK_ENV") == "production",