Advanced: Middleware

Middleware allows you to specify functions to run at various points in an Inngest client's lifecycle, such as during a function's execution or when sending an event. Use the InngestMiddleware class to define new middleware.

import { Inngest, InngestMiddleware } from "inngest";

const myMiddleware = new InngestMiddleware({
  name: "My Middleware",
  init() {
    return {
      onFunctionRun({ fn }) {
        // This will be logged whenever a function is executed
        console.log(`Function ${} is running!`);

        // This is where you can optionally specify hooks for this particular run
        return {
          afterExecution() {
            console.log(`Function ${} has finished running!`);

const inngest = new Inngest({
  id: "my-app",
  middleware: [myMiddleware],

This can be used for a wide range of uses, for example:

  • Utilizing error-monitoring libraries (e.g. Sentry)
  • Adding logging support
  • Transforming input and output data (e.g. superjson)
  • Setting up DB connections before starting a function's execution
  • Using Inngest's step building blocks to build reusable patterns

Next steps

Check out some of the samples below for a quick look at how to use middleware:

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