Introducing the Inngest TypeScript / JavaScript SDK
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Creating an Event Key

“Event Keys” are unique keys that allow you to send or publish events to Inngest. You can use an event key with the Inngest SDK.

const client = new Inngest("<Inngest Event Key>")

Event keys are meant to be specific to a given environment (production, test) and a specific source (your API, your mobile app, etc.). You can easily create and manage your event keys from the Inngest Cloud dashboard.

Creating a new source

From the Inngest Cloud dashboard, you need to create a new “Source.”

  1. Click on “Sources” (direct link)
  2. Click on “Add Source” (direct link)
  3. Select “API” then “Create a new source key” (direct link
  4. Copy the newly created key using the “Copy” button:

A newly created Event Key in the Inngest Cloud dashboard

🎉 You can now use this event key with the Inngest SDK to send events directly from any codebase. You can also:

  • Rename your source using the “Name” field so you and your team can identify it later
  • Delete the source when your key is no longer needed
  • Filter events by name or IP addresses for increased control and security

Best practices

  1. We recommend creating a unique key per source and per environment (production/test - Tip: use the environment toggle)
  2. For client-side sources where the event key may be visible in the browser, we recommend filtering events by name (e.g. website/page.viewed or pattern website/*) to discourage spam events from being sent to your Inngest Cloud account.