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Shipping e-commerce imports pipelines in record time

At Ocoya, we were struggling with the complexities of managing our social media and e-commerce workflows. Thanks to Inngest, we were able to simplify our development process, speed up our time to market, and deliver a better customer experience. Inngest has become an essential tool in our tech stack, enabling us to focus on delivering a world-class product to our users.

Image of Aivaras TumasAivaras Tumas
CEO & Co-founder

Within two years, over 50,000 users — including the worlds biggest companies like Pepsi and WPP — use Ocoya to manage their social media marketing.

Learn how Ocoya uses Inngest to develop and deliver their world class product in record time, with end-to-end local testing.

Ocoya: Workflows + Queues

Every aspect of Ocoya requires complex workflows, from scheduling social media content to e-commerce imports. Traditionally, developing this functionality requires setting up multiple queues, dead-letter queues, services, subscribers, and backoffs, along with code for delivering to each queue.

Only a subset of their engineering team could handle queues & infra, and it wasn't locally testable. Plus, code was also split over many codebases, making debugging or changes difficult.

Fixing problems: out with the old, in with the new.

When planning and designing their e-commerce product range, Ocoya wanted to simplify and speed up development across their entire team. Using Inngest, Ocoya was able to write their business logic directly as serverless functions without worrying about queues. This allowed them to:

  • Speed up development of all business logic
  • Enable local development for everyone in the team
  • Simplify code into a single codebase, deploying reliable functions to Vercel
  • Remove all queueing infrastructure
  • Rely on the same CI/CD process via Vercel

Additionally, using Inngest allows for easier debugging: any failed functions are easily retriable, and the triggering event can be copied and ran locally to instantly replay functions in development.

With just a few weeks of development, an entire new product category was planned, developed, and launched to production reliably, using Inngest, providing a better customer experience than ever before.

Moving forward

After implementing e-commerce imports and functionality in record time, both new and existing features can be refactored into this new way of working, unlocking better reliability, easier developing, faster debugging, and better performance.

With the integration of Inngest, Ocoya can focus on their core product — delivering a world class product that enables users to deliver AI-enhanced social media and e-commerce content better than ever before.

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