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What is Inngest?

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When you're building a product you always need to react to things that happen in real-time. For example, if a user signs up you'll need to add them to a helpdesk, the billing system, and marketing tools.

A common way to do this is to bundle this into your API, but this isn't effective for long. As time moves on, requirements change, services slow down, and things become too difficult to manage.

The biggest companies might build out large Kafka instances, manage subscribers, backpressure, dead-letter queues, message types, upgrades, and deplopyments themselves but it takes hundreds of hours a week to manage. It's also very hard to coordinate between events, even with these systems fully built.

It doesn't make sense to hire a full team to repeat the work to manage this.

Inngest provides a platform for you to react to events in real time, running core product and ops flows with zero infrastructure. And, you can hand over these processes for your wider team to manage.

What does Inngest do?

Inngest consists of two main parts: events and workflows.

  • Events represent anything that happens across your business, including who was responsible. They can be generated by your product and from services you use, such as Stripe.
  • Workflows represent any logic that needs to happen either automatically when events are received, on a schedule, or manually by people in your team. For example, if a user returns an ecommerce order a workflow will need to create a return label, send the label to the user, monitor to see the status of the return, update internal systems, and remind the user to return the product if they don't do so in a timely manner.

We allow you to aggregate every event into one system, then run any workflows (using any language) whenever specific events happen. We also allow you to build workflows for internal use, including operational flows that require manual approval or specific conditions to continue.

Imagine a programmable Segment, made to handle complex functionality that's difficult to build. That's our platform.

What can Inngest do for developers?

We provide a platform that simplifies building complex features, preventing the neeed to spend months of time reinventing the wheel. The platform includes:

  • A set of APIs for easily tracking events
  • A fully typed runtime for configuring workflows to run when specific events are received
  • A fully-managed platform for running any language within a workflow
  • Built-in event coordination, allowing you to ensure steps are only carried out if specific future events are received (or not received)
  • A step-over debugger for easy testing, with full logs into every step of the workflow
  • Automatic and configurable retries for when your partner's services face issues
  • Customized alerting and error handling, for specific on-call policies
  • Configurable throttling to ensure things run smoothly
  • Historical backtesting with previously recorded data
  • Scheduled workflows out of the box
  • Staging environments built in
  • Integrations to popular services, saving implementation time

At its core, we provide an interface over events that occur and what they trigger.

What can Inngest do for my business?

Inngest provides you with a platform to help build your product much faster. Features that take months to build can be implemented in a few hours using our sytsem, and can be shared across every team to be operated. At its core, we help you build user-facing workflows and internal operations with minimal effort.

    On this page
  1. 1. What does Inngest do?
  2. 2. What can Inngest do for developers?
  3. 3. What can Inngest do for my business?