Introducing the Inngest CLI: build, test, and ship serverless functions locally

Build, test, and ship reactive functions in minutes

Inngest is an event-driven serverless platform that lets you focus on your product by giving you all the tools you need to build, test, and ship reactive serverless functions faster than ever before.

No infra, no config — just ship.

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We help developers build event-driven, reactive systems — faster & easier than ever.

Our CLI and web IDE let you scaffold, develop, test, and deploy serverless functions — without any config:


Developer tooling, built specifically with good UX.

Everything we craft is to help you ship better and faster.

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Get started with experts. We're working with startups and engineering teams to consult implement product functionality, no strings attached.

Let us show you how to build reliable serverless functionality for your product, in minutes. We'll walk through implementation using your product requirements from start to end — delivering live functionality for your product.

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Fast, reliable event-driven systems for all. With powerful functionality out of the box.

Discover the easiest way to build scalable, complex software — by letting us do the infrastructure and platform for you. Here's some of the features you get for free:

Historical testing

Go one step further than integration tests.

Test your serverless functions with real, historical data before deploying. Guarantee that your code works in the real world before it's live.

Time travel

Never wish you'd built something earlier.

Guarantee that your code works in the real world before it's live. Deploy functionality then process historic events as if your feature were live in the past. Never before have you been able to make your team and users this happy.

Coordinated functionality

Wave goodbye to messy cron jobs to check whether logic should run.

Chain multiple functions together, only running steps when specific events happen. Or... don't happen. No spaghetti code required.


No nightmares about building it yourself.

When you need it, ensure that items are processed once — and only once. Built in, configurable idempotency for each function allows you to rest easy.

Data Enrichment

Messy data? Don't know what you mean :)

Enrich any event with additional data, ensuring that your functions, data pipelines, and team have everything they need from the start.

Versioning, audits, rollbacks...

An easy way to answer “why did this happen four weeks ago?”.

See every version of every function, the exact times each function was live, and which version was used for each event. With immediate rollbacks, when you need it.

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Use cases

A few examples on how you can leverage Inngest’s event-driven platform.


Process incoming webhooks as events, getting HA, event typing, and retries for free — no infra needed.

Background jobs

Run functions as background jobs with a single HTTP request, speeding up your API.

Coordinated logic

Handle logic based off of a sequence of events without crons, background jobs, and complex state.

User flows

Implement functionality triggered by user activity automatically, in any language

Scheduled jobs

Run jobs automatically, on a schedule, with full logs and versioning. And, of course, no infra needed.

Internal tools

Empower your team to do more with functions built for your team to run, with full audit trails baked in.


Work with integrations automatically triggered by events in a single place — no complex app code necessary.