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Automate User Journeys
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Build out user-behavior driven flows for your product that are triggered by events sent from your app or third party integrations.

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What some of our customers have shipped

Handle failed payments

Stripe Webhook Trigger
Stripe Webhook TriggerWhen charge.failed is received
Run custom code
Run custom codeDowngrade the user's plan in the database
Run custom code
Run custom codeNotify Customer Success team in Intercom

Intelligent activation drip campaign

Custom Event
Custom EventWhen a user signs up
DelayWait 24 hours
Conditional logic
Conditional logicIf user does not activate
Run custom code
Run custom codeSend onboarding email

Running scripts from internal tools

Retool Resource Request
Retool Resource RequestWhen a form is submitted
Run custom code
Run custom codeRun a backfill of user data


User journey automation is high impact, but also high effort. Delivering personalized, unique experiences for your customers during onboarding, sales, or every billing period makes the difference between a good and great product.

Inngest takes out the complex part of tracking state, coordinating between different events, conditionally triggering certain flows and allows you to just focus on building an improved, tailored experience for your customers.

Trigger your code directly from Retool

See how you can easily run existing code and scripts right from Retool with the power and flexibility of Inngest

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Deliver personalized, unique
experiences for your users

Any Source

Connect Anything

Send data via Inngest's webhooks, from your code with our API, or use one of Inngest's built-in integrations,

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Developer UX

Intuitive Developer Tooling

A CLI that gets out your way and makes the hard stuff easy. Create, test, and deploy functions in minutes.

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Out-of-the-box Power

Conditional Logic, Delays, & Automate Retries

Use minimal declarative configuration to create complex flows that can delay for days, conditionally run based on data, and automatically retry failed functions.

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Step Functions

Chain Functions Together

Break your code into logical steps and run them in parallel, in sequence, or conditionally based on the output of previous steps.

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