Build powerful AI workflows in code.

Develop, test, and deploy reliable AI workflows to production with zero new infrastructure, in less than a day. Inngest’s event-driven workflows handle queueing, state, scale, and observability, letting you focus on what matters.

Focus on what matters: AI.

Spend time developing what's important. Scale from day 0 by leaving the complex orchestration to us.

Rapidly iterate on complex AI chains,
directly in code.

A simple, powerful interface that lets you define reliable flow control in your own code. Write AI workflows directly in your API using our SDK, with local testing out of the box.

Your data, your environment

Leverage data from your own database, vector store, or APIs directly in code — without complex interfaces or adapters.

Any AI model, any AI pattern

Easily implement any AI model as either a single call or using patterns like RAG, tree of thoughts, chain of thoughts, or safety rails, directly in code.

Full flow control

Concurrency, rate limiting, debounce, automatic cancellation — everything you need to scale, while respecting rate limits, built in from the beginning.

  • Global and per-user concurrency limits
  • Per-user priorities with fairness guarantees
  • Auto-cancellation via events to save costs

Local development

Iterate on AI flows in your existing code base and test things locally using our dev server, with full production parity.

  • One-command setup for local dev
  • Visual workflow debugging and logs
  • Production parity for risk-free deploys

No magic: write regular code

Easily create AI workflows with regular code, using any library or integrations you need without learning anything new.

  • No constraints on what you can use
  • Simple, retriable steps using ``
  • Use any library, integration, or API

Get started locally in one command:

npx inngest-cli dev
Get Started
12xdevelopment speedupcompared to traditional infrastructure
75%total cost reductionon infrastructure and time spent

Scale-ready productionAI in hours. Zero infrastructure required.

Move to production by deploying Inngest functions inside your existing API, wherever it is — serverless, servers, or edge. Backed by rock solid external orchestration, your workflows are ready to scale in milliseconds.

No infra or CD changes

Deploy in your existing API, on your existing host, without spinning up new infra or provisioning new services — whether you use servers or serverless.

  • Hosted in your existing API
  • Serverless, servers, or edge
  • Zero additional infra or provisioning

Modern SDLC

Hassle free development with preview environments, logging, one-click replay, and error reporting built in.

  • Preview & branch envs built in
  • Logging and error reporting
  • E2E encryption available

End-to-end observability

Full insight without the fuss. Tag functions by user, account, context length, prompt rating, and see any data on any metric.

  • Real-time metrics
  • Function tagging with user-level cost basis
  • One click replay

Use with any framework, on any cloud:


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