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About Inngest

Inngest is an open source platform that enables developers to build amazing products by ensuring serverless functions are reliable, schedulable and event-driven.

Two trends have shaped our vision for the Inngest platform: event-driven systems are driving some of the world's greatest products and building these systems is extremely hard.

We believe that event-based systems can be beautifully simple and we're building the world's first developer platform that allows people to build event-driven products in minutes. Our aim is to give developers the superpowers they need to just build. Developers deserve first class local tooling and a platform that gives them everything they need to deliver, not just the underlying plumbing or infrastructure.

We're beginning our product journey focused on the early adopter - the person who embraces the developer cloud: modern solutions that put developer experience at the forefront of the product. Our initial goal is to build the absolute best platform and tooling for devs to build anything that runs in the background using events. We're partnering with key companies to fill a key gap in the current ecosystem and bring Inngest to the masses. We have very big plans beyond that - if you're curious, drop us a note.

How we work

We're a small, remote-first team of engineers and designers that cares about the details and agree that simpler is better. Every teammate has a voice in shaping the product. We all dogfood our own product and support our community of developers. Context is shared openly and deliberately so every person can understand, contribute, and challenge ideas. As we're a small team, every teammate is expected to contribute outside of their core domains - e.g. designers can code, engineers should write docs and blog posts.

We believe in a fair and inclusive team culture and hire across the world. We are looking for experienced people who are motivated by solving problems for real people. Learn more about our principles here.

Company values & principles

  • Pursue an accurate understanding of reality. We learn from mistakes, avoid overconfidence, and continuously improve our observations and hypotheses to drive business and product decisions.
  • Appreciate context and nuance. We put in the effort to share and document concise context across the team to empower individuals to make high-quality, nuanced decisions.
  • Encourage curiosity. We explore, learn, and ask questions in all aspects, but especially in our product and with our users.
  • Seek simple solutions. We believe that simpler answers, code, and products are often the best and lead to better outcomes.
  • Work with intentionality. We can be the most effective when our actions have a clear focus and purpose.
  • Embrace ownership. We are responsible and accountable to our work, actions, and outcomes and expect the same in others.
  • Assume positive intent. We begin with the understanding the each other is doing the best they can and that they communicate with good intentions.
  • Act with fairness. We pursue equitable, unbiased, and principled outcomes for our team and customers.


We began Inngest as a fully distributed company from day one. Our team is spread across locations from the UK to San Francisco. We embrace remote work, but in this early stage of the company, we require teammates to have overlapping timezones with North America.

What we offer

  • Competitive salary and equity
  • Remote-first - work from anywhere
  • Health, dental, and vision insurance (US)
  • International employment and payroll via OysterHR
  • M2 Macbook Pro
  • 4 weeks vacation + local national holidays
  • 401k (US)
See Our Open Positions

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