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Inngest: OS v0.5.2 released

8/9/2022 · 2 min readRelease Notes

Inngest v0.5.2 is here! This patch introduces a few new pieces of functionality, as well as various fixes and improvements. The key pieces are:

  • Strict function rollbacks, meaning any time you change a single step’s code you can roll back to previous versions.
  • Improved inngest init, showing you every event you’ve seen when creating functions, plus the ability to bypass questions via flags.

Read more about our future plans in our roadmap, and if you want to propose new features or ideas feel free to start a discussion or chat with us in discord. Let’s dive in!

Strict rollbacks

Inngest automatically versions every step function that you deploy. This allows you to see a full change log for each of your functions, plus the ability to immediately roll back to a previous version if desired.

We’ve updated our function configuration format to make rollbacks stricter — to always ensure that you roll back every step to the correct state for each version.

Inngest init

Using inngest init is the easiest way to create new serverless functions. You’ll often want to create a function which responds to an event that you’ve already processed within your account. In the latest version, inngest init automatically fetches every event you’ve seen in your account so that you can create new functions that run any time these events are seen again in the future.


Happy building! If you have any questions or feedback feel free to join us in our discord — we’re hacking there!

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