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Introducing Event Batching: Handling data at scale

Darwin Wu · 7/12/2023 · 2 min read

Are you tired of dealing with external systems that impose strict rate limits?

Do you often find your database struggling under heavy load because of the constant opening and closing of connections or transactions?

And let's not forget that midnight cron job that consistently overwhelms your system.

As the volume of data to be processed continues to increase, individually processing each piece becomes extremely inefficient. It's far more cost-effective to handle them in batches, particularly when dealing with high-volume and repetitive data.

That's why we're excited to announce that Event Batching is now available in Inngest!

Take a look at our Batching events guide to get started with this powerful feature today.

// `batchEvents` is a new function configuration
{ name: "Record API calls", batchEvents: { maxSize: 100, timeout: "5s" } },
{ event: "log/api.call" },
// NOTE: Use the `events` instead of the `event` argument, which is an array of event payloads
async ({ events, step }) => {
const attrs = events.map(evt => {
return {
user_id: evt.data.user_id,
endpoint: evt.data.endpoint,
timestamp: toDateTime(evt.ts)
const result = await step.run("record data to DB", async () => {
return db.bulkWrite(attrs)
return { success: true, recorded: result.length }

Here's an example function from the documentation using batching.

A screenshot of what it looks like on the UI, when a function accepts multiple events. Event payloads on UI

What lies ahead?

In today's technology landscape, event-driven systems are becoming increasingly prevalent, and the flow of data shows no signs of slowing down — it's only going to surge further. Consequently, the need to process data in bulk will continue to grow.

At Inngest, our mission is to empower engineers like you to build more reliable systems without having to grapple with the complexity and maintenance burden of distributed systems.

Event batching brings us one step closer to achieving that goal, and we can't wait to see what incredible things you'll create with it.

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