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Inngest raises $6.1M led by a16z

Accelerating development of the reliability layer for modern applications

Dan Farrelly, Tony Holdstock-Brown · 1/30/2024 · 2 min read

Today, we're very excited to announce that Inngest has raised $6.1M in new funding led by Martin Casado and Yoko Li from a16z (Andreessen Horowitz), with follow-on investment from existing investors: GGV, Afore Capital and Guillermo Rauch.

Inngest was created to enable all developers to ship reliable applications. Building long running jobs or workflows with commodity queues without Inngest is a complex undertaking. Developers must spend valuable time on boilerplate code, managing infrastructure, and instrumenting observability themselves, for every new feature developed.

With Inngest, there is no infrastructure to manage, no queues to define, no worker logic to write, no state or flow control to implement. Inngest makes it easy to add durable execution, flow control, and events to any application, running on any cloud. It's the reliability layer for modern applications.

Enabling companies to ship reliable products

Throughout the last year, more companies have entrusted Inngest to help them deliver reliable applications. Companies have adopted Inngest from AI startups and developer tools products to larger enterprises like SoundCloud and Tripadvisor. In the time since we announced our last funding, our team has been hard at work in a few key areas:

  • Reliability: Real-time observability metrics, first-class recovery tooling (Replay), and a REST API for additional control over running workloads.
  • Flow control: Multi-level virtual queues including fine-grained control to limit concurrency at the per-user, per-resource, or per-anything level. Additionally added controls for built-in prioritization, rate limit, debouncing, and event batching controls necessary to build production-grade applications.
  • Flexibility: Python and Go SDKs, including cross-language function invocation, as well as tooling for zero-downtime cloud migrations.

Inngest combines event streams, queues, and durable execution into a single reliability layer for modern applications. The combination of this architecture with flow control have enabled teams to productionize AI applications, properly build multi-tenant systems under high volume, and implement user-defined workflow engines into their product.

The future

With this additional investment, we will continue to invest in the three key areas above as well as expand the team over the coming year.

Our focus is enabling every developer to build reliable apps, regardless of language, experience, or infrastructure knowledge. We'll continue to invest in building the world's best reliability layer with an emphasis on developer experience. If you want to learn how Inngest can help your team, get in touch.

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