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Product updates: Feb 8, 2022

2/8/2022 · 2 min read

Hello fellow Inngesters! Here are our recent changes and what's brewing for the beginning of Feb. Time flies!

Recently released

We've released a few things to help improve your dev lifecycle:

  • Better event typing, with Typescript generation. We’ve improved how we handle typing your events - we’re now generating Cue types, JSON schemas, and Typescript types for every version of your event. Over time, we’ll be extending this to support SDK generation (so that you can get a library for safely creating your events), other language support,
  • Better performance. Parts of our system have been tweaked to reduce latency by 60x.
  • A new event experience. This week we're launching a new event page which highlights workflows, versions, and the above types in a smoother UI
  • A smoother serverless function experience. Very soon we’re making it easy to create single JS-based serverless functions that run any time events are received.
  • Bug fixes & reliability fixes. We’ve tweaked our architecture, fixed numerous bugs (thanks for reporting), and improved our systems to make working with us a little nicer 🙂

What's coming

Our core value is making developer’s lives easier. We're hard at work revamping the entire experience to simplify event driven serverless:

  • A new website. This week we’re redesigning our website to talk about our core offering: the event mesh. The event mesh manages and aggregates every event in your system, and provides tooling over the entire event lifecycle to make development simple and fast.
  • A new CLI experience. As part of our ethos to making development easy, we’re redesigning our CLI experience to make working with event-driven programming as simple as possible.
  • Open-source execution engine. We’re still working on open-sourcing the executor engine, which we’ll bundle into the CLI so that you can test workflows locally, without deploying. You can be sure your serverless functions work before putting them into prod.

Talk with us!

We’re always open to feedback. If there’s functionality you want to see, if you have questions, or if you generally want to reach out to chat with our engineering team you can always hop into our discord or book a time with us here.

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