Introducing the Inngest TypeScript / JavaScript SDK

Weekly summary email

Send your users a weekly summary email every Monday via a scheduled function and Sendgrid

npx inngest-cli init --template
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graph LR Source[Schedule] -->| | Inngest(Inngest) Inngest -->|Every monday at 9AM| Step(steps/run) classDef in fill:#4636f5,color:white,stroke:#4636f5; classDef inngest fill:white,color:black,stroke:#4636f5,stroke-width:3px; classDef out fill:white,color:black,stroke:#4636f5,stroke-dasharray: 5 5,stroke-width:3px; class Source in; class Inngest,Step inngest; class Output out;
  1. Every Monday at 9AM (UTC), run our function
  2. Within the first step, load all users then send their digest email



This solves writing scheduled functions without crons or queues in seconds with the following benefits:

  1. Automatic retries for the entire scheduled function
  2. Splitting each user's email into its own function, for retries, local timezone sending, and logging
  3. Local testing without having to run on a schedule.


Use this quickstart with a single CLI command to get started! The CLI will then guide you through running, testing, and deploying to Inngest Cloud.

Via the CLI:

inngest init --template

Via NPX:

npx inngest-cli init --template

With the function cloned, run inngest run to test the function locally.


This function has a single step within steps/run. This step loads all summaries
to be sent, then sends an event to Inngest to record summary information and sends
the email.

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