The modern event automation platform

We aggregate all events in your business from internal and external systems, then allow you to build complex workflows which react to events — automating anything you need.

An event within InngestAn event within Inngest

How it works

Send us events

Send us events automatically via built-in integrations, our APIs, our SDKs, or webhooks.

Events are stored

We process, transform, then store your events in your workspace, with full user and author information tracked

Workflows are triggered

Workflows run in real time when events are received, automating your processes with no manual input

All events flow through Inngest, allowing you to automate anything

The most powerful workflow engine

Our powerful workflow engine allows complex, multi-step workflows which can coordinate between events in your business.
For engineers, workflows are defined with a strongly typed config language. For operators, workflows can be edited visually.

Drag & Drop interface

Visually inspect or modify workflows to create integrations, define logic, and map data between apps.


Complex logic supported

Build out complex logic and branching, so that things run only when you want them to.

Wait 3 days
Wait for invoice end date
If email bounces within 1 day

Time management built-in

Pause workflows anywhere, or wait until conditions are met to continue.

SalesforceClickupStripeOne SignalSlackTwilio

Integrate with anything

Easily integrate with your current tools to receive events and automate flows.

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Testing made easy

Test mode comes built in, and you can run and debug workflows as you're building them.

export default (evt, actions) => {
  // run any language

Serverless functions

For full flexibility, run any code in a workflow — in any language. View the docs.

Built for reliability and security

Ensure your workflows run smoothly every time, without manual steps. Plus, with data encrypted using custom data encryption keys you can rest assured your data is secure.

  • Automatic retries prevents issues when other services are down
  • Built-in logging shows detailed workflow logs for each step of a workflow
  • Error handling allows you to configure custom error workflows any time issues occur
Workflow logs
Workflow versioning

Made for rapid iteration across teams

Workflows are fully versioned with every change stored, and each workflow run stores detailed author information, allowing you to figure out which workflows each of your users run through.

  • Unlimited users for wide collaboration and visibility within your company
  • Version history allows you to track every change from the very start
  • Workflow authoring tracks which users run through which workflows
  • Drafts allow you to prep and schedule workflow releases easily