Introducing the Inngest TypeScript / JavaScript SDK
Data governance

Guarantee good data, everywhere.

A single platform that allows you to inspect, validate, fix, and enrich data as it’s processed — ensuring your data is correct in every platform, everywhere it's used.

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Feature highlights

Inline JavaScript (ES6+) transforms

Event versioning and management

Event schemas with data quarantine

Enrichment via external APIs

Alerting and error reporting built-in


Develop without errors

We automatically type-check and validate events sent to Inngest, ensuring your functionality is always called correctly. You can be sure that your functions are always called with the correct arguments, and that data for the rest of your team is correct.

And if your data is wrong we'll place your events in quarantine, allowing you to fix them and re-process your business logic — for the easiest and safest recover ever.

Inngest overview

Examples, patterns, and guides

Explore a suite of fully-built examples, plus patterns and guides for building rich, reliable functionality

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Develop faster and safer

Use our platform to rapidly build functionality driven by events, with zero infrastructure and full end-to-end safety.


Transform and enrich data on-the-fly, ensuring your data is as clean and powerful as possible. See an entire overview of what each event does in your system — no documenting required.


Create unlimited event versions with a full changelog, ensuring your event registry can adapt to your business needs as you grow.


Store invalid data that doesn’t match your version schema in quarantine for debugging and fixing, ensuring all data is clean.