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Inngest Cloud

Inngest Cloud support for functions created with our SDK is coming soon!

If you're interested in this platform and would like be part of the early testing group, send us a message in our Discord community or drop us an email:

I can deploy my functions to Inngest Cloud?

In addition to Inngest's serverless event stream and job scheduler, you can also deploy your code to the platform. All functions are executed on-demand in secure, isolated containers ensuring your code runs securely.

How will it work?

Inngest Cloud will run your code as a serverless function. To deploy, you'll use a single command that will package up your funciton code and deploy it. We'll also have Github Actions available so you can easily deploy your code any time you merge to main. Here's an idea of how it will work:

$ inngest login
$ inngest deploy --prod ./inngest/myFunction.js

What about functions I created with the Inngest CLI?

If you have existing functions deployed to Inngest that you created with our CLI's inngest init command, you can continue to deploy them as you always have. This page is meant to focus on functions created with the Inngest TypeScript / JavaScript SDK.