Introducing the Inngest TypeScript / JavaScript SDK
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Inngest is available as a self-contained binary, via NPM, or can be built form source.


Inngest relies on Docker and Docker Buildx to create cross-platform containers, so Docker itself must be installed.

Installing Docker

Check if you have Docker installed by running docker version.

If you don't, we'd recommend installing Docker Desktop. It's available for Mac, Mac on Apple silicon, Linux, or Windows, and will automatically install the Docker Buildx plugin.

Installing Docker Buildx

Check if you have Docker Buildx installed by running docker buildx version.

Installing and using Docker Desktop in the above step will automatically install the Docker Buildx plugin. Alternatively, you can install Docker Buildx manually using the Install Docker Buildx docs. Summarized, for Mac and Linux you can:

  1. Navigate to the latest docker/buildx release
  2. Copy the link of the binary appropriate for your architecture
  3. Run the command below, optionally replacing the URL to the binary if it's different
mkdir -p ~/.docker/cli-plugins \
&& curl -o ~/.docker/cli-plugins/docker-buildx -L \
&& chmod +x ~/.docker/cli-plugins/docker-buildx

Installing via NPM

Run the following to install the Inngest CLI globally:

npm install -g inngest-cli

Downloading the binary

Run the following to download the latest version of the Inngest CLI to your current working directory:

curl -sfL | sh

This will place inngest in your $PWD. Move it into your $PATH to invoke: sudo mv ./inngest /usr/local/bin/inngest.

You can also download prebuilt binaries from Github or build from source, with Go 1.18+ installed.