Introducing the Inngest TypeScript / JavaScript SDK
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Deploying functions

Once you've built and locally tested your function it's time to deploy it to the cloud.

Deploying your function will automatically build each step, push the code to Inngest, and create a new version of the function. Inngest will automatically run this new version every time matching events are received.

Read on to learn about:

  • Test and production environments
  • How to deploy functions


Inngest comes with both a test and production environment out of the box. This allows you to deploy functions safely without affecting your customers, then promote and deploy to production when it's ready.

Running deploy

You can deploy functions by running inngest deploy. By default this deploys to the test environment. You can deploy to production via:

# deploy all functions in the local directory, recursively, to prod.
inngest deploy --prod .

This will package and ship all functions to production, setting them live instantly.