Announcing our new Vercel integration

Developer Advocate (DevRel)

Remote - Americas/Europe

Inngest is an open source platform that enables developers to build amazing products by ensuring serverless functions are reliable, schedulable and event-driven.

Two trends have shaped our vision for the Inngest platform: event-driven systems are driving some of the world's greatest products and building these systems is extremely hard.

We believe that event-based systems can be beautifully simple and we're building the world's first developer platform that allows people to build event-driven products in minutes. Our aim is to give developers the superpowers they need to just build. Developers deserve first class local tooling and a platform that gives them everything they need to deliver, not just the underlying plumbing or infrastructure.

We're beginning our product journey focused on the early adopter - the person who embraces the developer cloud: modern solutions that put developer experience at the forefront of the product. Our initial goal is to build the absolute best platform and tooling for devs to build anything that runs in the background using events. We're partnering with key companies to fill a key gap in the current ecosystem and bring Inngest to the masses. We have very big plans beyond that - if you're curious, drop us a note.

The role

You will be our first Developer Advocate on the Inngest team. You'll be focused on helping educate developers about Inngest and grow our community. As this is our first DevRel role, you'll likely begin as a generalist. You'll be an outward facing representative of Inngest communicating with our community through Discord, developer documentation, Github issues, and our social media channels. Very importantly, you'll be a key channel for sharing feedback to the rest of the team on developer experience including quality of the product. You'll become proficient in creating product demos and communicating about what Inngest is perfect for as well as what it's not the right solution for.

The location for this role is between Western Europe (CET) and US Pacific time (PT).

What you'll do

  • Be a prominent voice on behalf of the company which seeks to create a product-led business driven by providing the best developer experience possible.
  • Create educational video & written content for developers to learn and get excited about what they can build with Inngest. The content will be distributed across channels like our company social media channels (Twitter, YouTube, etc.) and own channels (blog, Discord, email newsletter).
  • Regularly communicate and interact with users in our Discord community to learn and receive feedback as well as foster a responsive channel for our product & company.
  • Contribute to developer documentation in the form of written docs and visual content including screen recordings or video demos.
  • Interact with partner communities to build developer awareness in other spaces (e.g. Vercel, Next.js, RedwoodJS)
  • Be an internal advocate for developers to share feedback and insight with our team in order to help us build an even better developer experience and product.
  • Dogfood the Inngest product and develop ideas for improvements, features, or integrations.
  • Collaborate with the team to help others produce developer-focused content and communication.

What you've done in your career

  • You've worked for 2 or more years in developer relations.
  • You've been active in and/or fostered developer communities via Twitter, Discord, Slack or otherwise.
  • You've built apps using serverless functions and modern developer-focused platforms like Vercel, PlanetScale, etc.
  • You've used TypeScript/JavaScript and modern frameworks like Next.js for 2+ years.
  • You've used different mediums like video, docs, and blog posts to create developer-focused content.

What your first 90 days will look like

  • First week: You'll learn how we work as a team and our approach to growth. You'll dive into dogfooding our product and begin to understand how it works architecturally.
  • By day 30: You'll be proficient with our weekly cadence of work and you'll have contributed to developer documentation and/or short educational content. You'll have chatted with a handful of users via Discord. You'll fully understand our company, product, and growth strategy and start to build up context for our developer relations strategy.
  • By day 90: You'll have shipped educational video content to our channels and interacted with users on our social media channels. You'll have written a blog post or how-to guide. You'll have learned what your key areas of focus are and form a plan how your work contributes to our DevRel strategy. You'll have surfaced valuable feedback from our community to our product team. We're all aligned and mutually excited about how we work together now and in the future!

What we build with

  • TypeScript
  • Inngest TypeScript SDK for defining functions (this is the key way to build with our product that you'll use)
  • Backend: Go, GraphQL, Postgres, Redis, PubSub, and… Inngest (of course)
  • Hosted on GCP, AWS, and Vercel
  • Github, Linear, Discord, Notion

What we offer

  • Competitive salary and equity
  • Remote-first - work from anywhere
  • Health, dental, and vision insurance (US)
  • International employment and payroll via OysterHR
  • M2 Macbook Pro
  • 4 weeks vacation + local national holidays
  • 401k (US)

How to apply

To apply, send an email to Please include:

  • Your resume
  • Why you'd like to join our team
  • Links to your: Github, Linkedin, Twitter (if applicable)
  • If applicable (i.e. for DevRel), provide samples of your work (writing, video content, conference talks, etc.)
  • Your location